3-D Displays


Every year 1-800 Contacts does a tree for the Festival of Trees. This year I conceived, designed and then built this nearly life-size recreation of "THE GRINCH" stuffing a Christmas Tree up a Who-ville chimney. Tree design was a collaboration with events department and construction was assisted by facilities of the Chimney. I was principle [...]

Dynamic Photography


As a photoshop expert and studio photographer I have had to come up with some dynamic, eye-popping compositions. These were all photographed on a light table and then manipulated in photoshop to create some memorable equity used for years.

Special Event Packaging


At 1-800 Contacts we liked to throw a big party to the tune of $150,000 - $300,000. Balancing a large budget is often harder than balancing a small one. With set and stage pieces, vendors, food, and custom printed invites and packaging, every little detail was considered and designed to create an immersive and memorable [...]

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